Welcome to New Meeting

New Meeting is a place where an active community has worked to support hopes and ideals for over 230 years.
Welcoming all people, of all ages, whatever their background or orientation.
A place to celebrate the journey of life, love, faith and the search for truth, justice, unity and lasting peace.

Founded in 1782, in the heart of Kidderminster, as a community for the forward-thinking pioneers of liberal faith and ideas. New Meeting House has become a Unitarian church, and continued to flourish as an inclusive gathering. A community not bound together by a written creed or single belief. Instead, we make a commitment to weaving our stories together, alongside one another.

We strive to make a difference in the world. We promote positive change locally, nationally, and beyond, through our social justice work and partnerships with other organisations.

All are welcome to our events, services, meetings and discussions. A chance to meet with others who share a sense of curiosity and interest about the questions of life and the universe.

New Meeting House is a Unitarian Church, find out more about Unitarianism and our links to the local and national movement here.

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